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B.L.E.S.S. Scholarship

Bartlesville Lincoln Elementary School Scholarship – B.L.E.S.S. Fund, Inc

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NOTE: Due to the extension of the 2017-18 school year, the application deadline is extended to June 8, 2018.

The Bartlesville Lincoln Elementary School built in 1914 is one of the oldest in town. In 1986, this building was purchased by Service and Technology Corporation – STC.

The BLESS Fund was established in 1988 as a non-profit Oklahoma Corporation to immortalize and honor the students and staff of the Lincoln Elementary School by K. Vasudevan, Chairman & Founder of Service and Technology Corporation, who purchased and renovated the old school to house their corporate offices.

Our objective has been to reward those students who might not otherwise be able to attend college due to financial need or personal circumstances. We have targeted students with an "average to above average" academic record who exhibit a "high level of desire" to obtain a college education. The awards are made as interest free loans for students attending Engineering, Technology, Science and other subjects in that order of priority. These are general guidelines only and are not intended to exclude others.

The scholarship awards began in 1994, and since then B.L.E.S.S. has awarded 96 scholarships (as of 2017) for a total of over $365,000. Several B.L.E.S.S. scholars have already graduated with various degrees, in Aeronautical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Technology, Finance, Education, etc.

Contributions to B.L.E.S.S. Fund (501c3) are tax deductible, and is a great way to immortalize your parents, teachers, and others you hold dear to your heart. We will be delighted to provide more information or show you the building and our B.L.E.S.S. showcase.

B.L.E.S.S. Trustees2017 BLESS Award Recipients

Mr. K. Vasudevan
Mr. Bill Beierschmitt
Mr. David Kedy
Mr. Bruce Robinett
Mr. Keith Osborn



B.L.E.S.S. Officers

Pictured are BLESS Trustees & Officers along with two of the seven 2017 scholarship recipients.  Click here to read the article published in the local newspaper.

Mr. Neil Howe, President
Mr. Kumar Krishnan, Vice President
Mr. Mark Springer, Treasurer
Ms. Sujatha Krishnan, Secretary


B.L.E.S.S. Fund, Inc.

c/o Service & Technology Corporation
105 SW Penn
Bartlesville, Oklahoma 74003
Ph: 918-336-8161 ‚óŹ Fax: 918-336-8265