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Modular Design

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Modular Design

For decades plants have been stick-built one piece at a time. This is slow. It’s also expensive. This can turn into a logistics nightmare taking a lot of resources.

Now, let’s look at the alternative: Modular Plants. Using proven engineering/design tools and manufacturing techniques, Modular Plants have proven over and over to save time and money.

No one likes surprises or last minutes changes. Stick-builders admit that time and time again many details of “the plan” end up not working as anticipated in the field. That’s because the person who draws the plans is not a builder and vice-versa. The design world collides with the practical world!

Often with Modular Plants, the process and methods are well established before construction begins.  STC’s engineers and designers working with SMC’s manufacturing leads have a proven record of producing such modular plants that meet, and in many cases, exceed customer expectations in terms of safety, operability and maintainability. All at a very good overall value.

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