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Nitrate Generation Unit

STC, partnering with a group of renowned scientists, has developed a new and innovative way to combat an on-going problem the industry faces with biogenic hydrogen sulfide (H2S) resulting from sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) activity in water.

These scientists with decades of experience in biological remediation of H2S, have patented a technology for the on-site generation of nitrates. STC's engineers by contractual agreement worked with this technology to create the ON-SITE Nitrate Generation Unit, or "NGU," that can be used in a variety of industries and applications to mitigate H2S.

The NGU enables the user to continously generate nitrates near the point of injection where it is needed and avoid a variety of third parties. The NGU is a self contained system that only utilizes air, electricity and water to operate.  Low operarting and maintenance costs are also key highlights of the NGU. 

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