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SMC-STC is a consulting engineering and manufacturing company that is consistently working to help clients with their needs.

Modular Design

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B.L.E.S.S. Scholarship

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A-4 Skyhawk Support Structure


STC performed the detailed design and SMC manufactured the support structure to display a A-4 Skyhawk fighter plane. The unique design of the structure displays the airplane not only as taking off, buy also banking to the left. STC also made arrangements with Cessna Aircraft to repaint the jet as it was in use during the Vietnam era.

Heavy Equipment and Control Panel

SMC built and tested this shredder/crusher based on a European design for use in the gypsum, forest, and related industries. Built from ground up with minimal assembly drawings or instructions. This equipment has six variable speed and reversing cutters run by a modern control system. Control panel was built, programmed and tested with no corrections.

Custom Process Skid

Packaged Process Skid to implement a proprietary technology licensed by our client.Project taken from concept to completion through engineering design, procurement, manufacturing, testing, commissioning, training and start-up assistance.

Custom Pipeline Equipment

Equipment built includes Pipeline Terminal Fuel Unloading Skids, Meter Runs, Launcher and Receiver Traps, Knock Out Drums, Pipe Supports and Saddles, etc.Projects have included providing engineering design, shop detail drawings, procurement, manufacturing and testing.

Custom ESP Equipment

  • VSD/Transformer Skids & Enclosures
  • Down Hole Cable Handling equipment including:
  • Cable Spoolers
  • Cable Reel Carriers
  • Cable Sheaves
  • Pump/Motor Disassembly equipment
  • Repair/Shop Equipment including:
  • Cable Spoolers
  • Test Benches
  • Shaft Straighteners
  • Hydraulic Protection Vises

Custom All Weather Transformer Skids

Step down - VSD - Step up Transformer Skid with wall mounted A/C units, VSD enclosure and security gates.

General Services

Being located in the outskirts of Tulsa, one of the nation’s major manufacturing centers, we are well suited to provide services for shop inspection, witnessing of tests, coordinating suppliers’ services and other related activities.