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SMC-STC is a consulting engineering and manufacturing company that is consistently working to help clients with their needs.

Modular Design

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Project Samples

Nitrogen Removal Unit 1

STC-SMC team completed a 1 MMSCFD Nitrogen Removal Unit near Enid, Oklahoma.  Our work included startup and commissioning of the plant which produces pipeline quality natural gas.

Nitrogen Removal Unit 2

STC-SMC completely redesigned and rebuilt an existing 8 MMSCFD Nitrogen Removal Unit near Price, UT. Our services included disassembling the existing plant, relocating it to Bartlesville, complete checkup and testing, upgrading all instruments and control system, installation in Utah, startup and commissioning of the plant which produced better than anticipated results in the quality of natural gas processed.

Nitrogen Removal Unit 3

This turn-key 5 MMSCFD natural gas processing plant shipped in 28 truck loads from our plant in Bartlesville was designed, manufactured, installed and started up by STC-SMC team.

To read more info on this plant, click here to view the flyer.

Relief System and Flare Texas Refinery

STC performed engineering and detailed design to install the relief valves, collection headers, and flare for a refinery expansion.

NOTE: The collection header is supported by a suspension bridge across a deep gorge.

Fertilizer Plant Expansion

STC provided engineering, detailed design, and construction assistance to upgrade the Urea production in a fertilizer plant.

Multipurpose Unit - Texas Chemical Plant

STC provided engineering and detailed process facilities for a grass roots facility to produce specialty chemicals. The project included a new cooling tower, MCC room, truck loading facilities, storage tanks, control room as well as the process equipment.

Extractive Distillation Unit - Texas Refinery

STC provided engineering and detailed design from R&D to production stage for a cyclohexane plant.

IBB PLANT - Texas Chemical Facility

STC provided the process design, engineering, detailed design and construction assistance to build a grass roots facility to produce Iso-Butyl-Benzene (IBB).

Crude & Vacuum Unit - Kansas Refinery

STC provided engineering, detailed design, procurement, construction assistance and start-up support for the installation and revamp of a 40,000 BPD Crude unit and a 22,000 BPD Vacuum unit.

Dewatering Unit

This compact dewatering unit was designed and built by the STC-SMC team. The entire plant was designed to put inside ocean going shipping containers for installation at our customer’s facility.  We have completed four of these plants for sites in Chile, Argentina and Mexico.

Pilot Plant module

Pilot Plant module designed by STC and manufactured by SMC. Module built and shipped on it’s side and photo shows erection at customer’s site in less than 24 hours.

Waste Water Treatment Plant - Chickasaw

Our Staff provided construction oversight for the Waste Water Treatment Plant including all the pipelines and lift stations.

Police Station - Bartlesville

STC staff provided the architectural design and construction supervision for the police station.

Sewer System Improvements & Expansion

STC provided engineering and design for lift stations and retention ponds.

Other Project for City of Bartlesville

STC and our staff provided service for several projects for the The City, including:


  • Inspection of Bardew & Hudson Lake Dams
  • Design and construction assistance for the Hulah Lake Pump Station
  • Tolson Pump Station rework
  • Sewer Rehabilitation Projects (Initial Project Extended 3 Times)

NGL Plant Reconfiguration - Texas Refinery

STC provided the process evaluation/design, engineering, detailed design, cost estimating, procurement, expediting, cost control, and construction assistance to modify a NGL fractionation plant.

Our other projects have included expansions or revamps to:

  • Crude Units
  • Vacuum Units
  • HDS - Hydrobon / Hydrotreating
  • Reformers / Isom Units
  • FCC Unit Analysis
  • HF Alkylation
  • Gas Concentration Units
  • NGL Treating / Fractionation
  • Relief Systems and Flares
  • Spent Caustic Neutralization
  • Chemical Plants
  • Pilot Plants
  • Research & Development Support
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Nitric Acid Plants
  • Municipal Potable Water and Waste Water Plants
  • Process Safety Management
  • Pipeline Projects
  • Design Packages for Technology Licensing